Serie EWN-Y

EWN Series



Max Capacity to 6.7 GPH

The EWN-R Series electronic metering pumps offer superior high speed dosing capability with more standard features. The flexibility of the EWN-R pump enable it be integrated into virtually any chemical feed application using a universal-voltage, digital controller with an expanded set of control features. Superb valve performance and advanced solenoid engineering combine to make a highly precise pump for the most demanding applications.

EWN pumps have outputs to 6.7 GPH (25.2 L/h) and a maximum pressure of 290 PSI (20 bar). The high speed of operation results in high resolution chemical feed and long service life. Quiet and compact, the EWN pump prime in seconds and hold prime reliably.

Features of Integrating the EFS Sensor with the EWN-Y Pump:

  • The EWN-Y electromagnetic pump combined with EFS flow sensor provides accurate real-time control and display of dosing rate.
  • Set point control allows the desired flow rate to be simply programmed into the pump.
  • The EFS is mounted directly on the pump for accurate dosing rate measurement - ALL WITHOUT ANY TIME-CONSUMING CALIBRATION.
  • The EWN-Y provides a clear display of actual dosing rate and a 4-20 mA output signal proportional to the flow rate.
  • An optional Auto Air Vent Valve (NAE) can be mounted in-line with the EFS sensor to eliminate gas-lock conditions quickly with continuous venting.
  • Operating history such as total flow return and power-on time are stored in memory and can be used for diagnostic troubleshooting.


Manual EWN-Y EWN-Y Manual
Manual EFS Sensor EWN-R Manual
Manual EFS Sensor EFS Sensor Manual
Manual EFS Sensor Exploded View Drawings
Manual EFS Sensor EWN-R Brochure
Manual EFS Sensor EWN-Y Brochure
Catalogo EWN-Y + EFS Brochure

General Features
  • High Speed Performance
  • Engineered Longevity
  • Superior Check Valve Performance
  • Flexible Connections
  • High Compression Ratio
  Standard ADV High Compression High Pressure High Viscosity
Max Capacity GPH (mL/min)
6.7 (420) 1.7 (110) 1.2 (78) 0.6 (40) 2.4 (100)
Rated discharge pressure PSI (bar)
150 (10) 290 (20) 73 (5)
Stroke rate
1-360 spm 1-180 spm 1-240 spm
Power voltage
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Liquid temp. range
14 to 140F (-10 to 60C)
Liquid end materials
316 SS (SH)
PVC (VC/VE) 316 SS (SH)