“As a company and as individuals, Iwaki America and its employees understand that our resources are finite and, as stewards of those resources, we are committed to our ongoing investment in technology that is focused on both preserving and renewing these resources.” – John Miersma, Iwaki America Chairman, President & CEO

Renewable Energy Markets

As a leading pump technology supplier to the Renewable Energy Markets, we are partnered with several leading consortium for the advancement of alternative energy sources.

Pump Systems Matter

Iwaki America is a founding sponsor of Pump Systems Matter (‘PSM’) and our President is a current member of the PSM board. PSM is committed to working with the pump industry worldwide along with government agencies and non-governmental organizations (‘NGOs’) in promoting energy savings through pumping systems optimization. As a charter sponsor of Pump Systems Matter, we have joined forces with the Dept. of Energy and public utilities to promote energy conservation in the pump industry. Our PumpCheck/PumpControl Platform focuses on Energy Savings, Efficiency, and Economics through monitoring, control, and management of key assets.