Markets + Applications

Iwaki OEM pumps are incorporated into a broad range of markets and applications. If your designs include applications in the thermal management, precision cleaning, medical equipment, fuel cells or semiconductor markets, we have the experience to supply you with magnetic drive, direct drive, metering, air/liquid and semiconductor products you will need.

New applications are found for Iwaki pumps all the time. Iwaki America’s expansive product line provides a unique perspective on your custom pump needs. Our pump technologies include centrifugal, valveless plunger, solenoid, bellows and diaphragm pump designs. Our pumps are capable of pumping air or liquid or a combination of both, and we have flow rates ranging from 0.3 ml/min to 450 lpm. Electric drives range from AC motors with various voltages to a full line of DC brushed and brushless products with integral or separate controllers.