Markets + Applications

Iwaki OEM pumps are incorporated into a broad range of markets and applications. If your designs include applications in the thermal management, precision cleaning, medical equipment, fuel cells or semiconductor markets, we have the experience to supply you with magnetic drive, direct drive, metering, air/liquid and semiconductor products you will need.

New applications are found for Iwaki pumps all the time. Iwaki America’s expansive product line provides a unique perspective on your custom pump needs. Our pump technologies include centrifugal, valveless plunger, solenoid, bellows and diaphragm pump designs. Our pumps are capable of pumping air or liquid or a combination of both, and we have flow rates ranging from 0.3 ml/min to 450 lpm. Electric drives range from AC motors with various voltages to a full line of DC brushed and brushless products with integral or separate controllers.

Iwaki pumps are manufactured and tested under the most stringent quality standards, making them well suited for the medical industry. This unsurpassed attention to detail gives our OEM partners the confidence they need when selecting an Iwaki pump for their medical equipment systems.

Some common OEM applications in the Medical Equipment Market that utilize our pumps are:

  • Diagnostic Analyzers
  • Patient Thermal Management
  • Dialysis Pumps
  • Chemical Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Applications

Diagnostic Analyzer Cleaning
Diagnostic Analyzer Dosing
Analyzer Vacuum/Waste Drain
Circulation for Thermal Management
Dialysis Treatment (pdfs will link to these)

Iwaki’s reputation for quality, cost-effective chiller pumps ensures that OEM customers get the best liquid end designs and high efficiency motors for thermal management applications. Iwaki pump assemblies minimize the ambient temperature increase in chiller cabinets and provide designers with the optimal thermal solution for their heat transfer system needs.

Some of the OEM applications in the Thermal Management Market utilizing Iwaki Pumps are:

  • Laser Cooling
  • Patient Thermal Management
  • X-Ray/CRT Cooling
  • Fuel Cell Stack
  • Marine and RV Heating/Cooling
  • High Voltage Power Supplies and Transformers

Thermal Management Applications

Dental Laser Cooling:

RD Series: The customer was using the MD-6/10 pumps for cooling purposes. They needed to have both of these pumps in 115VAC and 220VAC in order to comply with certifications. With the RD-05HCV24-05 units they have been able to consolidate these models into one single unit and eliminate carrying 2 versions of each pump. The added benefit of having 24VDC is that since it is under 48VDC, it is considered a low voltage unit, therefore it does not require CE, UL, CSA or other certifications, providing even more savings ($$$) to the customer. The  has not only saved them money, but because of the compact design, has permitted the customer to reduce the size of their package. YTD they have not had any failures.

Medical Laser Cooling:

RD-20: This customer was looking for a recirculation pump used for cooling their new Medical Laser. Reliable performance, quiet operation and long-life were the customer’s key benefits required. The RD-20 offered them guaranteed Iwaki pump reliability, quiet operation (< 40 dB), and a long-life brushless DC motor providing a minimum performance guarantee of 25K hours.

Medical Cooling Blanket:

RD-5: This customer was looking for a compact, low-cost, pump for circulating chilled fluid through an external blanket. System requirements; must be portable, DC powered, & quiet (since it will be used in hospitals). The RD Series pump provided the customer with the best pump option, meeting all of their System requirements.

Luggage X-Ray Cooling:

  • Airport luggage X-ray equipment involves an X-ray tunnel through where baggage is placed on a conveyor belt. In order to generate a complete 3-D image of the baggage, the X-ray generator and receiver must rotate on a five to seven foot diameter circular gantry.
  • The X-ray tube generates heat during operation and must be cooled to allow continuous operation. The cooling is accomplished by a standard chiller assembly including a liquid to air heat exchanger, a filter, a fluid reservoir and pump to move the fluid around the cooling circuit. In this application, the chiller is on the rotating gantry near the X-ray generator. As the gantry is rotating continuously at 40 to 160 rpm, the size and weight of the equipment mounted on the gantry are important design considerations.
  • Other design issues include reliability, low maintenance and noise. The RD-30 pump fit this application very well. It delivers the required low flowrate at higher discharge pressure levels required by the cooling system. While delivering this performance, the pump generates a noise level less than 45 dB and is rated for a running life of over 25,000 hours. As a centrifugal pump, there are no particles generated from the components to clog the filter, unlike gear or vane pumps whose components wear over the life of the pump causing degradation in performance.
  • The performance of the RD is constant for the rated life of the pump. These are all great benefits, but the major benefit of the RD pump is its size and weight. The RD is only one third the weight of current pumps used in this application. The combination of smaller size and less weight reduces G forces, makes for simpler installation, extends maintenance intervals and reduces service costs.

Critical cleaning applications such as solvent, aqueous, deionized, R.O water or acid base require highly corrosion resistant pumps that eliminate any possibility of particle shedding or ionic contamination. Iwaki magnet drive pumps are manufactured with the highest quality. most chemically resistant materials, which meet or exceed the most stringent customer requirements. Polypropylene, CFR-ETFE, high purity ceramic or alpha sintered silicon carbide wetted components ensure the integrity of the cleaning process and the service life of your system. Numerous hydraulic and drive packages, as well as standard AC and customized DC brushed and brushless options, are available for your filtration and circulation applications.

Some of the OEM applications in the Precision Cleaning Market utilizing Iwaki Pumps are:

  • Solvent Cleaning
  • Patient Thermal Management
  • Aqueous/Semi-Aqueous Cleaning
  • Acid Cleaning

Precision Cleaning Applications

Descaling Plant Piping:

MX Pumps: This customer wanted to supply a high-quality, leak-free pump system. This system has high visibility and allows them free in-plant advertising for additional chemical sales. Customer replaced mechanically sealed pumps that were prone to leakage & chemical waste. MX Pumps offer them a proven high-quality design to match their corporate image.

Electronics Cleaning:

WD/WMD Pumps: Customer was looking for a leak-free pump for Solvents & Proprietary Cleaning Solutions. WMD-100 pumps are capable of accepting any off-the-shelf motor (TEFC/XP/Chemical Duty/Wash-Down….) to meet varying environmental demands of each location.

Aqueous Parts Washer:

MD-70 Pumps: Historically, Aqueous Parts Washers have not met customers’ cleaning expectations. One of the main reasons has been Parts Cleaning OEM’s insistence on trying to take a “standard” solvent-based system and simply change the cleaning fluid to meet the EPA requirements.

The customer realized in order to do the same or better cleaning with an aqueous-based fluid, increased pressure was required at the point of cleaning. As with any OEM, they were looking for a small, compact centrifugal pump (a gear pump’s high pressure created too much oversplash, and the tight tolerances of a turbine pump make it unacceptable for the small particles* that make it through filtration).

The MD-70Z (high-head impeller) make this pump the perfect solution for cleaning system needs. * Note: System Filtration is required to ensure long pump life, please consult IA Sales for specification guidance.

Microetch Filtration:

MX Pumps: Chemistry circulation in the microetch process of sodium persulfate or detergent at 55-60°C downstream of the filter.

Problem: The magnetic drive pump would not last longer than three months in this installation. A filter was located in the pump suction piping. As filter loading increased, it reduced the amount of chemistry available to the pump causing the pump to cavitate. Filters were manually changed when operators realized they were loaded. This frequently required the pump to operate in a cavitation mode causing pump failure in less than three months time.

Reason for Selection: The customer purchased an MX-402CV6-D. After 7 months of service the MX pump is still operating with no recorded downtime since being put into service. The MX self-radiating holes insured residual fluid recirculation through the bearing system. This fluid recirculation removes heat from the bearings, allowing them to operate in a semi-dry run mode during pump cavitation. Removing the heat from the bearing system MX prevents chemical attack of the magnet encapsulation due to the increased temperature of the chemistry.

MX magnets are designed to stabilize the inner magnet during abnormal operating conditions. Holding the inner magnet in one position reducing axial movement to limit thrust bearing contact and increase pump service life. The MX-402CV6-D has saved the customer both time and money. He has not had to remove the pump from the system relieving his maintenance staff to attend to other things. His production line has been able to operate longer and more cost effectively.

Circuit Board Rinse Water Circulation:

MX Pumps:

Problem: The rinse water control was controlled by manually operating valves installed in the main and by-pass lines. Valve adjustments were required as the tank water level varied or the tank water was changed. If the operator incorrectly adjusted or sequenced the adjustment of the valves, the pump was subjected to cavitation and failed.

Reason for selection: The customer purchased an MX-251CV6-D and eliminated both the by-pass valve and bypass piping system. The MX-251 is designed for lower flow rates and has no true minimum flow rate.

With the self-radiating design, MX easily removes heat from the bearing system and eliminates the need for a minimum flow rate typical of other magnetic drive pumps. The capability to operate at near shut-off conditions allowed the customer to eliminate the by-pass line. Elimination of the by-pass line served to simplify the system and reduced the complicated manual valve operation. The MX-251 low flow capability reduced power consumption. The MX required less than 0.75 kW compared to the 1.5 kW the previous pump required. This reduction contributed to an electric power consumptions savings for the customer. The MX-251 was almost ½ the price of the larger pump. By purchasing the MX-251 the customer saved money, reduced his maintenance costs, reduced his power costs and simplified his system.

Iwaki DC direct drive technologies meet the standard fuel cell industry requirements. These compact, highly efficient and economical pumps offer a solution for every application in the typical fuel cell system. Iwaki’s reformer feed, stack coolant and heat recovery pump designs are well suited for the quiet, reliable, low power consumption requirements found in this market.

Some of the OEM applications in the Fuel Cell Market utilize Iwaki Pumps.

Fuel Cell Application

Iwaki’s RD series pumps are being used in numerous fuel cell designs for both commercial vehicle and residential applications. One of the leaders in this developing market provided Iwaki with a specification defining temperature and control requirements for use in their industrial equipment cell stack cooling application. We met their challenge with a version of our RD-30 rated to 80° C and with a third input for external speed control of the pump. The design met their requirements and we are now extending it to new sizes!

Iwaki quality and reliability are unsurpassed in the semiconductor market. Our worldwide recognized bellows pump designs are engineered to handle the circulation, filtration, precision metering and dispensing of aggressive, high temperature and highly volatile fluids. We also offer engineered solutions for complex photo resist applications. The Iwaki name is synonymous with the best products in the industry.

Some of the OEM applications in the Semiconductor Market utilizing
Iwaki Pumps are: 

  • Chemical Filtration
  • Chemical Injection
  • Photo Resist Dispensing