Partners in OEM Product Development

OEM pumps are designed and built to meet specific requirements and standards set by equipment manufacturers. For over 60 years, Iwaki has worked closely with global system manufacturers to develop solutions for their integrated systems and pump requirements. Our expertise in pump technologies and system integration provides our OEM partners the required support, information, and testing solutions. Whether it’s a new OEM system development project or replacing a current pump supplier, the Iwaki OEM team members will help you find the right solutions.

As a leading OEM pump manufacturer, we assure prompt customer service, fast sample turnaround, and on-time production schedules. All OEM pumps are subjected to rigorous quality testing before shipping to our customers.

Magnetic Drive OEM Pumps

Magnetic Drive

Flows to 130 GPM

Magnetic Drive

SM Series

Direct Drive OEM Pumps

Direct Drive

Flows to 70 GPM

Direct Drive

NRD 24 VDC Pumps

APN Series Diaphragm Pumps

Air/Liquid Pumps

Flows to 110 LPM

Air/Liquid Pumps

APN – Diaphragm-Type
APN-W – Gas/Liquid Pump

FS Series – Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pump


Up to 55 L/min


CFD – Chemical Replenishing
FS – Pneumatic Drive
PDS – Bellows Dispensing
MDM – Magnetic Drive

OEM Metering Pumps

Metering Pumps

Up to to 1682 L/min

Metering Pumps

HRP Electromagnetic
KB Bellows – AC/DC Driven
Hicera V Series
Exmire Syringe Pumps
HSR Series

AODD Pumps

Iwaki Air

AODD + High Purity

Iwaki Air

Global Provider of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Types of Custom OEM Pumps

Our selection features the following types of pumps.

  • Magnetic Drive: Designed for maximum capacities between 0.1 GPM and 130 GPM. MD/WMD, MX, MDG, MDT, and MA/MB series OEM pumps are offered.
  • Direct Drive: Designed for maximum capacities up to 18.5 GPM. NRD and DDC series pumps are offered.
  • Air/Liquid Pumps: Possess liquid handling capacities up to 500 mL/min and 4000 mL/min air handling capacities. Feature APN series and APN-W series OEM pumps.
  • Semiconductor: Designed for maximum capacities of up to 350 GPM with maximum metering capabilities of up to 5 mL per shot. Feature MDM series, CFD, PDS, and FS series.
  • Metering Pumps: Designed for maximum capacities of up to 20 GPH and metering capabilities from 0.01 to 1600 mL/min. Feature HRP Series, KBR bellows, Hicera V series, Exmire Syringe Pumps, E-Series Metering pumps, and HSR Series.

Advantages of Using OEM Pumps

Our OEM pumps have the following features.

  • Seamless integration with your system or system design: Iwaki pumps are designed for easy integration within your equipment or system.
  • Improved system performance and efficiency: All Iwaki pumps are designed in compliance with rigorous standards set by the most stringent equipment manufacturers. We follow quality control processes throughout the design and manufacturing phases. The pumps are tested to ensure their reliability. This quality translates into improved system performance and efficiency.
  • Warranty and support: All our OEM pumps are covered under a two year warranty. You can rely on our expertise and assistance to solve any operational issues.
  • Simplified maintenance and servicing processes: The spare parts of Iwaki pumps are readily available throughout the globe. This makes maintenance and servicing easy for your systems if ever needed.

Applications of OEM Pumps

We regularly provide Iwaki pumps to our clients in industries such as medical, thermal management, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, battery manufacturing, agriculture, and many others. They have the following applications.

  • Liquid/gas handling
  • Precision metering for biomedical instrumentation, laser chillers, chemical dispensing
  • Circulation in semiconductor manufacturing
  • Coolant circulation in fuel cells
  • Safe handling of aggressive fluids for chemical process

Do you want to know more about Iwaki OEM pumps? Want to know how we can customize these OEM pumps to meet your requirements? Or do you need guidance for choosing the right pump? Get in touch with us today. You can call us at 508.429.1440 or mail us at to learn more about our OEM pump selections.