Pump Accessories

Power Monitor

The Emotron M20® monitors the input power to the pump. Capable of detecting both over-load and under-load conditions, the monitor offers protection from off-design conditions such as; dry running, deadhead, end of curve, cavitation and excessive bearing wear.

Non-Metallic Baseplates

Corrosion-resistant Basetek® polymer concrete non-metallic bases are available for all M-Series products. Bases use stainless steel inserts as a standard and are available with optional grout holes, and drip pan. These non-metallic bases are designed to accommodate all of our close-coupled designs and complement the rugged quality and corrosion resistance of our M-Series products.

Variable Frequency Drive

The Baldor ACS Drives feature easy-to-use, plain language interfaces and control routines to support UL Type 1 and Type 12 applications at 230V, 460V and 600V. The ACS Drive uses a traditional inverter V/Hz control or sensorless vector control to cover a wide variety of applications. At power-up, a start-up assistant quickly and easily guides the user through the first time setup of the drive.