A Wide Variety of Pumping Solutions for

Battery Manufacturing

Wide range, wide variation

Non-metallic & metallic magnetic drive pumps

Small pumps for OEM applications to large pumps for chemical processing are available. You can select the best pump according to your application.

Electrolyte manufacturing, Cathode material manufacturing

Applicable to different needs of
chemical dosing

Electromagnetic metering pumps / Metering pumps

Suitable for any application with its high quality, high accuracy,
wide variation, low pulsation, cost-effectiveness and usability.

Cathode / Anode material, Separator slurry coating

Dosing pump with precision control

Valveless plunger pumps

Ultra-high repeatability within ±0.5%.
Unique airlock-free valveless structure.

Electrolyte injection

Versatile pneumatic drive
diaphragm pumps

Pneumatic drive diaphragm pumps

The TC-X Series is a double-diaphragm pump driven by compressed air.

Cathode / Anode material kneading and transfer