OEM Metering Pump

Iwaki America is a global leading manufacturer of OEM metering pumps. Our AC- and DC-driven precision metering pumps possess capabilities from 0.01 to 20 GPH and up to 290 psi. These OEM pumps are designed to assure high precision and long-lasting repeatability, critical factors in metering applications. In addition, our OEM metering pumps assure high efficiency in challenging environments. Low power consumption, leak proof, sturdiness, low noise operations, and maintenance-free designs are some features, which make them stand out among other OEM pumps in the market. All OEM metering pumps listed under this category can be customized to meet your system requirements. Browse our extensive portfolio to find the right OEM metering pump for your needs.

HRP Series Metering Pumps

HRP Series

DC Driven

HRP Series

Max. Capacity:
Up to 38 mL/min

KBR Bellows

AC/DC Driven

KBR Bellows

Max. Capacity:
Up to 216 mL/min

Hicera V Series Metering Pumps

Hicera V Series

Rotary Displacement Pump

Hicera V Series

Max. Capacity:
1682 mL/min

Exmire Syringe Pumps

Syringe/Piston Pump Series

SPV / SPX Series

High Accuracy: ± 0.3% / ± 0.5%
Repeatability: 0.03% / 0.04%
High Resolution:
6000 steps/stroke

EJ Series Metering Pumps

E-Series Metering Pumps

EZ, EWN, EHE and EJ Series


Max. Capacity: 20 GPH
Max. Pressure: 150 PSI
Strokes per minute: 360 SPM

HSR Series Diaphragm Liquid Pump

HSR Series

Reciprocating Diaphragm Liquid Pump

HSR Series

Max. Capacity:
1200 mL/min

Types of OEM Metering Pumps

Our selection features some of the popular OEM metering pumps, including:

  • HRP Series: Can achieve maximum capacity up to 38 mL/min and a pressure of 29 PSI. Suited for solar-powered water treatment and grease trap systems, car wash, and medical equipment.
  • KBR Bellows: Can achieve maximum capacity up to 216 mL/min and has a discharge pressure of 1.45 PSI (0.01 Mpa). Designed for use in the photographic, plating, and electronics industries.
  • V-Series: Can achieve maximum capacity up to 1682 mL/min and a discharge pressure of 101 PSI (0.7 Mpa). These pumps are ideal for high-viscosity feeding and microchemical feeding.
  • Exmire Syringe Pumps: Assure high accuracy of ± 0.3% and repeatability of 0.03%. Suited for analytical and lab equipment, dispense and aspiration applications.
  • E Series Pumps: Can achieve a maximum capacity of 20 GPH, maximum pressure of 290 PSI, and 360 SPM. Suited for a wide range of water treatment and OEM applications.

Applications of OEM Metering Pumps

Your applications may require precision metering pumps that would help optimize your operational efficiencies and reduce cost. Our OEM metering pumps have helped our clients across the following industries to meet these requirements effortlessly.

  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Environmental components manufacturing
  • Water and wastewater systems