March 10, 2020

Iwaki America Trade Shows

(MD&M West and Spec Chem photos to come Monday)
Iwaki America recently displayed at the Medical Design & Manufacturing Expo in Anaheim, CA as well as the Specialty Chemical Show in Ft. Worth, TX. These two shows demonstrate the breadth of our product lines spanning both medical device manufacturing and chemical processing. Leads from these events have been processed and send off to our distribution network for follow up.

Application of the Month – Bleach

A highly corrosive and toxic chemical with strong disinfecting properties, Sodium Hypochlorite plays an ever increasing role in many industries. However, its corrosive nature and tendency to release tiny gas bubbles that can permeate non-metallic pumps poses a major challenge to conventional pumping techniques. Iwaki has over 60 years of experience successfully pumping Sodium Hypochlorite & many other aggressive chemicals. Click here for a complete overview of why Iwaki is the best choice for bleach applications.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Result

The results for 2020 are in and Iwaki America once again scored high on our customer satisfaction index. Our rating of 87.9% was far above the industry average of 82.1%. We owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who works for Iwaki America as this survey covers every aspect of our business. Rest assured we will continue to improve processes, procedures and service until we score a perfect 100%.

February 18, 2020

Iwaki America Supplied Motors to Increase in Price

While Iwaki America’s effort to manage our component and labor cost has led to minimal pump price increases in 2020, there are some suppliers that we have limited control over pricing. Case in point is our motor vendors who have had increases across the board last month. Purchasing a motor supplied by Iwaki America has always guaranteed that the pump & motor combination that your customer receives is the same that left our test station. We also recognize that many of our channel partners prefer to acquire their own motors and assemble them in house. In either case, the cost of the motor will be increasing as most motor manufacturers including our suppliers, Baldor and Weg, have announced price increases. This new pricing took effect on Feb 1st and can be found on our distributor website.

Iwaki America is thrilled to announce a $3,375 donation to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery efforts to combat the wild fires that have ravished the country. Iwaki America, our Board of Directors as well as our employees all stepped up to support our friends down under. Community involvement is a cornerstone of our mission statement and we are very proud of our efforts to help in this cause.

Iwaki Welcomes
Natalia Collazos Gutiérrez

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Natalia Collazos Gutiérrez to the Iwaki America family. Natalia will be joining us as a Territory Sales Manager covering the Andes area of South America with a home office in Bogota, Colombia.

Welcome aboard Natalia !!


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January 28th, 2020

Factory Training – Holliston MA

Our 1st factory training of the new year will take place in Holliston, MA June 2 and 3. This session will feature our magnetic drive, motor driven metering and specialty OEM pumps. In addition to our focus on Iwaki technology we will also review markets, applications, competition and let you build a pump or two.
Please contact John Shea for more details.

NEW! MX Test Station

In order to continue our commitment to a one week lead time, Iwaki America has invested in a new test station dedicated exclusively to our MX series of products. Every pump equipped with a motor is given a 3-point hydraulic test measured to the Hydraulic Institute Level B guidelines. You and your customer can rest assured that Iwaki pumps are built and tested to the strictest guidelines and will perform to your application criteria once installed.

Employee Spotlight – Peter Brule

If you have ever called into Customer Service at Iwaki America chances are you have talked to Peter Brule. The backbone of our entire Customer Service team, Peter is celebrating his 25th year at Iwaki America. His expertise, dedication and helpfulness rank him amongst the best in the pump industry.

Please join us in thanking Peter for his silver anniversary with Iwaki America!

Holiday Closures

Iwaki America will be closed in observance the following holidays:
President’s Day, February 17th, 2020
Patriot’s Day, April 20th, 2020